You have the tools. Use them.
You have the tools. Use them.

To paraphrase my editor, I have a knack for writing about the darker side of life.  I write in a variety of genres, but my big project, my precious baby, is a middle-grade fantasy series.  Other genres I’ve written include sci-fi, horror, lit fiction, and romance.  See a list of collected works with brief descriptions below:



“They Gathered”  Thriller

Sam doesn’t know why these strangers are gathered in front of his house, and not knowing is the worst part  Read for free here.  Leave your feedback in the comments!  🙂


“The Voiceless”   Sci-fi/Dystopian


After using a shady piece of technology, a suicidal widower stumbles upon a second chance and discovers human beings are capable of doing something he never thought possible.  Buy it now (and review!) on Amazon here.

“The Bus”   Literary Fiction

A short about the paradox of hating the very person you wish you could be.  Read it here for free.  Leave your feedback in the comments!  🙂

“Roses and Weeds”   Dark Fantasy/Fable

A short about two lovers and mankind’s relationship with nature.  Read it here for free.  Leave your feedback in the comments!  🙂


“Compulse”    Horror


Three gruesome tales of what can happen when the needs of other never surpass your own.  Buy it now and review it here.

Works in Progress:

small Belinda cover Leigh

“Belinda Starr”, a middle-grade fantasy series.  Book one: “Belinda Starr and the Metallic Enchantment”.   I’ve been working on this piece for over two years.  It’s my baby!  Oh, but I do love this epic, beautiful story!  Though I still have a few minor plot issues and character motivations to sort out, the 7th draft is almost complete    …No, really, I promise!    Agents, expect to hear from me SOON!  😀

“The Christmas Beagle”  General Fiction


A heart-warming novella, following the lives of seven people and a wandering beagle. Coming November 25th, 2016!

“Tear in my Christmas Sweater”  This is my first romance novel, though at its current length it constitutes as a novella.  I’ve just finished the rough draft and will be handing it over to beta readers soon.  It started out as a simple, sweet story about how life is full of both lemons and lemonade, but it turned into something much more deep and meaningful, which is just how I like my stories!  This one stands apart from my other pieces, because it’s a story within a story, and there’s much more going on than seems at first, similar to the book “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.  UPDATE: This piece is on the back burner.  My attention is devoted to “Belinda Starr” and on other shorter pieces.

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