The Christmas Beagle


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For information on S.E. Eaton’s novel, “The Christmas Beagle”, keep reading:

The Christmas Beagle, a heart-warming novella about a wandering beagle who impacts the lives of seven people, is now available on Amazon!

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We made our very first book trailer! Making the book trailer for “The Christmas Beagle” was a lot of hard work, but so worth it! It was a BLAST!  Check it out!  The Christmas Beagle Book Trailer

I had so much fun writing this story, and being that I have a beagle girl myself (Emmie Lou), it’s close to my heart.


The inspiration behind “Lynx” in “The Christmas Beagle”:



Excerpt from “The Christmas Beagle”:

     Silence fell between them as they watched the falling flakes blanket the fireplace. Lynx sniffed her way over to Aaron, turned several circles, and plopped down next to his hip.  Aaron draped his arm over her.  With each passing second a thicker thread of tranquility wove itself into the night.  The seconds blurred together as a moment, and the moment stretched out into infinity. 
     Hannah glanced at the snowy tall grass in her periphery. “Aaron,” she said, looking back to him, “I think I know what to get Mom for Christmas.”

Super cool fact: The fireplace mentioned in the above excerpt is based on an actual fireplace and chimney we found in an empty lot, and is featured on the back cover of “The Christmas Beagle”:


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