Adventures in Beagle World: Tantrum

My kid has her own room.  This is because my “kid” has repeatedly growled at her daddy when he comes in for bed.  The last straw occurred a few nights ago.  After being scolded for the growling, she scuttled up towards me then darted down to the foot of the bed and urinated like someone opened the floodgates.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like pee on my bed.  …And neither do I like growling beagles who don’t listen.

And so, for bedtime, my kid was banished to the Land of Kennel.  She grew to hate this place all the more, and it showed, especially at dinner time.  You must understand: when it comes to food, my kid acts like a spastic Ferris wheel with non-functioning controls.

So, then….

About a week ago, while he was preparing her dinner, my husband sent the spastic Ferris wheel to the dreaded Land of Kennel, her “bedroom.”

“Kennel!” Steven boomed.  “…Go to your kennel, now!”

Emmie was having none of it. 

Our darling beagle then trotted up to her kennel, lifted her paw, and–WHACK!–slammed the kennel door shut.  She then stared up at my husband, as if to say, “I’d like to see you stick me in that thing now, Dad!”

Ah, the beagle.  Obstinate.  Cuddly.  Adorable. Playful.  And filled to the brim with ATTITUDE!

We laughed our heads off at this display, although yes, the kid was still sent to her room.

Do tell, fellow pet owners!  How has your “kid” made you laugh? Share in the comments below!

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