Thoughts On “The Christmas Beagle”



“You’ve given me the opportunity to do something uncommon, something that goes against what most men would do, and for that, I thank you.”  —Albert Cole, from “The Christmas Beagle”

       Hannah hates change. Aaron’s sister gets away with everything. Alex’s family doesn’t appreciate her art.   Darla worries she’ll lose the love she found. Albert cheated.  Emily just wants to be a good mom. And Pete doesn’t understand why he deserves forgiveness at all….

       This November, they all stumble across the same little wandering beagle, who’s only ever wanted two things in life: a snack and a place to call home. In The Christmas Beagle, seven people from many walks of life learn about the meaning of grace and come together to build the ultimate gift…and it’s all due to one little beagle.

      Albert Cole, one of the characters in The Christmas Beagle, talks of a metaphorical “grace fund”, which another character, Pete, puts to practice in a more literal sense. A grace fund, in the metaphorical sense, is how much patience you afford–to others and to yourself, and in particular, how much grace you offer to those who don’t deserve it. It’s meeting people where they are, and it’s meeting yourself where you are. But both funds come with one condition–when it’s low, refill it.    Whether it be getting cut off in traffic, grocery clerks who are doing their best to help you, the muddle of politics, putting too much pressure on yourself, encountering differing beliefs, or your general attitude and how you treat others, a grace fund is something to keep in mind this coming holiday season, and year round.  Do the uncommon thing. Refill your grace supply.

      Look for The Christmas Beagle, coming Thanksgiving 2016!  WOOF!


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