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Win a free S.E. Eaton paperback of your choice!

Here’s how:

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  2. Read and post a detailed review Compulse on Amazon.
  3. Comment here to let me know you’ve completed the steps with a link to  your review.

Remember, from the 26th to the 31st, you can download “Compulse” for free, so entering this contest will be at no cost to you!  (**EDIT, from the 27th to the 31st)

You will be entered into a drawing to win a free paperback of your choice…”Compulse” or “The Voiceless”.

A “detailed review” should be 2 to 3 sentences that consist of more than just “It was good. I liked it.”  It should be an honest review, so if you had issues with Compulse, by all means, let me know in a constructive manner.  Reviewers who are not constructive in their reviews, i.e., hurtful, mean-spirited towards the author, etc, will not be included in the drawing.  Offer ends midnight November 9th, 2015.  The drawing will take place Tuesday, November 10th.  I will contact the winner and ask for a shipping address.

NOTE: If you do not use Facebook, you can tweet a link to this post.  Just let me know you’ve done so, then post a review on Amazon to be entered into the drawing.

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“Compulse” is now available! WOO HOO!

book cover1

I cannot wait for my loyal fans to check out this gruesome collection, “Compulse”!  This three-part horror anthology is now available on Amazon.  You can buy it now, or wait for a special treat the week of Halloween!  The three stories in “Compulse” are “A Sunflower for Daddy” (creepy kids have always scared the you-know-what out of me!), “Alienation”, (the aliens have arrived, and they’re hungry), and “The Watcher” (chances are, you know this serial killer’s next victim quite well).

Buy “Compulse” here.    Don’t forget to leave a review!  Thank you, thank you! Happy Halloween!

“Belinda” Update and Other News


 “Belinda” is in really good shape!  I still have more work to do, but right now it’s looking so FANTASTIC, I am just oh so tempted to hand it off to my beta readers right NOW!    But…I won’t, because it’s still not my best work, though it’s pretty dang close.  Still one minor character role I need to tweak, and then need to check for use of 5 senses, description, word choice/style, etc.  But the plot?  Solid.  The characters?  Most of them POP, buuuuut some of them still need a bit of work, I think.  January 5th is my deadline!

In other news, I’m eagerly (excuse the adverb, I’m all “strong-verbed” out, atm) awaiting the arrival of the proof for my horror short story anthology, “Compulse”.   It should be here tomorrow or the next day, after which point if all checks out, I will click the publish button, and voila!  Y’all can read it and leave your reviews!

In other other news, I’m getting ready for another reading binge.  I’m thinking Stephen King as well as a few indie author works.    And maybe the back of the shampoo bottle while I’m on the can.  If I get to it.

Alright, time to go pet a beagle.  I suggest you do the same.  ❤