You Have No Other Choice

book cover1

A few thoughts, for a taste of what this soon-to-be-released horror story anthology is all about….

  Your stomach tightens. Rage fills your senses.  You can’t see straight, you scream, you wail, but no one hears you.   And so you grow numb.



…you will take it back.  You will take it all back.  …Your power.   There’s a part of you, a minuscule voice, tinged by a quiet psychosis, dripping with apathy.  It was silenced in the past, but today…today you will listen.  And today, it will help you regain everything that was taken from you.

They’ve asked too much of you already.

You’ve had enough.   No one else is going to keep you alive. They don’t understand what you need.  They don’t understand you.  They call you sick, messed up, out of your MIND, but their labels don’t faze you.  Not anymore.    The voice is growing…louder…louder….  It’s who you are now.  You had no other choice.

You had no other choice.

Go on.  You know what you need to do.  The whispers are becoming screams.  Listen.  Listen.

Take it back.  It is your right.  You know what must be done. Take it back.


Compulse.  Your beating heart has forced their hands.

 October, 2015.


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