What’s on Your To-Read List?

girl reading book

Right now, I’m reading “Airborn” by Kenneth Oppel.  So far, my assessment is that it’s well-written, with smart, compelling characters and has an exciting, adventurous plot.  I’d definitely read more of his work!

Soooo, I go back and forth between reading binges and writing binges, with some but not much overlap of the two.  I keep track of my to-read list with a memo on my tablet.  Here it is:

Heart of Darkness

The Shadow Rising (slowly am making my way through WoT)

Words (this was recommended to me)


Spiderwick Chronicles

Sky Jumpers  (the author of this one took the Brandon Sanderson class and is now published.  I must see what an example of publishable MG fiction is!)

Name of the Wind

Red Queen

CJ Lyons books

Night Circus

The Blue Sword

American Gods

Princess Academy

Shadow of the Wind

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Ready Player One


Cuckoo’s Calling

Doll Bones

The Infernal Devices

Before I Go to Sleep

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy  (Yup, haven’t read this one yet!)

Thread Skein


Labyrinth (the novelization!! 😀 )

…Okay, guys…what’s on your to-read list?  What are you reading now?  What have you read that you absolutely recommend?  What should I add to this list?  Do tell in the comments below!


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