The Bus and my Journey

Today I uploaded a short story entitled “The Bus”, available for free for all of my loyal fans to read!  I plan to have a number of my short stories on here for free, woohoo!  None of them are middle grade fantasy (unlike “Belinda”), but they each give a taste of my writing style.

This step in my career, I feel, is still miles away from my ultimate goal.  BUT…every step counts, baby!  Between edits, mapping outlines, rewrites, waiting for feedback, building a website, scoping out agents, struggling through cover art production, having ZERO budget for ANYTHING, watching Brandon Sanderson lectures, writing, writing again, rewriting, reading, writing again…whew!    It’s enough to make me curl up into a fetal position.  BUT, this is the career I’ve chosen.  It’s the hardest thing I’ll ever love doing.

Do me a favor?  Read my work!  Take the time and take a chance on me.  Leave feedback.  Let me know what you think, because you are my reader.  You are my market.  My craft would mean little without you.


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